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  • Jason Dorey

Meet our team

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

The Matata Education team is a group of passionate educators with the aim of providing partner schools and their students with amazing experiential education programs.

​​ Jason Dorey

Managing Director

Jason is responsible for designing and executing our Education Programs across Greater China. A passionate educator who comes from Canada and has spent a decade in international education as both an IB subject teacher and IB DP coordinator. Jason works to ensure our programs meet international curriculum standards.


Sophia Zhang

Operations Director

Following an initial career teaching IB DP Chinese Ab Initio, Sophia has extensive experience in operations, strategy, business planning and change management through her role of Operations Director at the Canadian International School of Beijing.

Feili He

Logistics Coordinator

Feili completed her MSc. in Management from Imperial College Business School in London, UK. She joins Matata Education with a rich experience working in MNC operations. Feili works effectively behind the scenes to ensure that everything is always running as smooth as possible.

Safi Alam

Program Coordinator

Safi supports the creation, maintenance and facilitation of Matata’s educational programs across China. With a Bachelor of Education in his native Bangladesh, he has been involved in international education in China for nearly 10 years. Safi works hard to ensure that each Matata program is in compliance with the appropriate international safety standards.

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