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  • Jason Dorey

Core Values / 核心价值

The team at Matata Education aim to deliver experiential education programs that will be an experience of a lifetime. In order to do this, we build and facilitate each of our programs around these four core values:

Get outside your comfort zone / 闯出舒适区

Exploring the outer edges of ones comfort zone can be a scary experience, but in experiential education, this is where the magic happens. Matata Education programs create a safe environment for students to push the boundaries of their comfort zone. 离开自身的心理舒适区,可能会令人惊慌,但在体验式教育中,这也正是奇迹之所在。而 Matata 教育为学生创造出一个安全的环境,来鼓励他们突破自身的舒适区界限。

Think outside the box / 跳出思维圈

Critical and creative thinking are fundamental elements for experiential learning in the classroom and outside the classroom. Matata Education enhances the learning process through active holistic engagement. We challenge ourselves and our students to develop creative solutions to complex problems.


Get into yourself / 认清自我

All good learning and teaching practice recognizes the need to build in opportunities for students and educators to share thoughtful reflection. Matata Education recognizes the important role reflection plays in experiential learning and builds this into all of our programs. 所有优异的学习与教学实践都证明了为学生和教师创造机会进行反思深思的必要性,玛塔塔教育认识到反思在体验式学习中的重要作用,并将其纳入我们所有的课程中。

Get into a community / 融入社区


Students develop personally and socially as a result of belonging to a community - whether that be a school community, local community or global community. Matata Education helps guide a community of learners through a local environment to explore issues of global importance. 学生的个人发展与社交,皆存在于一个大社区中,无论是校园社区、地方社区还是国际社区。玛塔塔教育通过当地的环境引导学生探索国际重要性问题。